Yes, this is an ABOUT PAGE, but it’s all about YOU. Your business, your product, service, purpose and future.

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  • Refresh your existing brand
  • Give your new business a successful marketable design structure
  • Improve ROI
  • Expand your reach

Our masterful, accomplished design approach implements superior craftsmanship and creativity. As a result, we are able to fluidly explore, identify, structure and visually articulate your brand, to give it its due strength in the marketplace.

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BrandingSocial Media & Digital CommunicationsRetail & Event
Brand StrategyContent DesignInterior Design
Logo DesignSocial Media StrategyRetail Signage
Package DesignHTML EmailsTrade Show Displays
Website DesignHTML NewsletterDigital & Print Event
Graphic DesignSEOEvent Activation
eCommerceDigital AdvertisingMerch Design
Marketing StrategyApps
Print/E-Business Cards

Presentation & InteractiveConsulting & Artistic
Business FormsConsultation For Hire
Book DesignCopywriting & Editing
Presentation LayoutCopyright & Trademark
WebGL/ThreeJS Websites
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"Arpy is an exceptional designer who will get to the bottom of your needs and messaging as a client. I had the pleasure of working with CODA Design Studios on my new school’s branding, website, social media accounts, and promotional materials. From start to finish, I felt heard and understood. As a result, the branding and design feel personal and have been executed with the very same care I would have used myself. I am delighted with the result, and proud of the compliments we receive from clients. Thank you, Arpy and CODA Design Studios, for your wonderful work!” Mira Larson
Rythmique Music School
"Arpy has shown a refreshing eye for detail and consistency across our project, making us feel that our brand is in the right hands."
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Our illustrious design strength covers many industries, with specialized experience in beauty & self-care, food and beverage, lifestyle and music & media. Our range runs from new business owners to high-end clients, starting from scratch or carrying an existing brand, and serving them all with first-class care.


  • intelligent approach
  • transparency
  • intellectual honesty
  • diligence
  • exploration
  • innovation
  • beauty


Founder, Creative Director, Arpy Tarpinian, comes from a well-rounded career in design and business. Drawing on industry fashions and trends, as well as consumer needs, Arpy is able to bring a special blend of experience, creativity, timeless design, and empathy to your projects.


Ian has been developing websites for the past 10 years for major chains such as The Habit Burger, Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant, Johnny Rockets, Juice It Up and many more. Ian brings a detail-oriented approach to all his work.


A "coda" is the closing passage or chord of a musical piece, that harmonious instance of gratification. This is what masterful design should invoke in us as we view or interract with a brand's design.

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All of these are touchpoint in sales, they each represent a persona for the product or service. While any one of these items can all be described as discrete elements, what is important is how they coalesce successfully to all work as a system to serve each other and generate revenue. Good design is one of the key elements of a marketing strategy. Because (good) branding is to effectively create a clear, consistent and memorable identity for a product or service in the marketplace of ideas, because essentially, that’s what the marketplace gathers — ideas.


Creating, building and maintaining a brand is rooted in strategy. Whether or not you have a full vision of what you want to become, we can help you. If you don’t have a full vision but have a strong starting point, we can help you. If you are on the zero end of the gamut of ideas, believe it or not, we can help you to know. We harness your business objectives, tangibles and not, as well as your pain points into our branding process to carve out a sound future for your business. These considerations are the fertilizer for successful branding and sales. And often, we help you to see things you don’t normally notice or see yourself.

Do you have an existing brand or are you starting from scratch? From the birthing through to the entire life cycle of your brand, you will have to make numerous decisions. In what way should all these smaller decisions be — from brand concept development to the execution of symbols, style, color, fonts, words, language, message, shape, photography, pattern, illustration concisely work together as a system to successfully appeal to the right customer or client and have them adhere to your brand and bring revenue? will it do it consistently over time, as you grow? What happens when your product’s life cycle requires a renovation, modification or an update, are you experiencing a business challenge that you assume has nothing to do with branding or design? how should that be resolved?

We start with a consultation, listen carefully and carve out a proposal that fits your agenda. Please write or call us at:



IG @coda_design_studios

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